Are Straight Teeth Just for Show?

September 28, 2015

If there’s any misconception regarding braces, it’s that they’re something people only do because of vanity. Most will say, braces are about having straight teeth to make someone look good. This misconception has led to another where braces are about social pressure. If you’re healthy, and you love yourself, who cares what society thinks about your smile?

Well, frankly, we agree.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to seek orthodontic treatment, and while we love that our work gives people a greater sense of confidence, if you’re an adult, getting braces should be done because you want them and not because society or someone else thinks you should.

But braces involve much more than having a nice smile. They greatly contribute to dental and gum health as well. Having straight teeth makes brushing easier allowing you to get the bristles around the teeth and gum line with less deep angles and workarounds. When teeth are crooked, it’s easy for the brush to miss those vital areas.

For example, let’s say there’s a group of four teeth perfectly aligned, but there’s two towards the tonsils that slightly point the other way. You don’t have a lot of time to brush your teeth (late for work, children need you. We all live a busy life these days), so you brush along the teeth from one angle for thirty seconds, cleaning the straight teeth perfectly before finishing up and rushing out. Chances are, the crooked teeth weren’t cleaned at all. Or they weren’t cleaned near the gum line, where gingivitis and other gum diseases start.

It’s actually easy to overlook and doesn’t have an immediate, noticeable effect. This is why many people with crooked teeth can maintain a healthy smile for years with no problems. But the effects are cumulative and have the potential for decreasing oral health.


Our mission is to provide every patient with an excellent orthodontic experience. We look forward to providing you “More Than a Great Smile!"

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