Can I Get Braces If I Have Fillings?

January 7, 2016

Many things can make people worried if braces or Invisalign aren’t right for them. Sometimes they worry if they’re too old for braces, sometimes it’s financial and sometimes they’re worried  that their teeth have just been through too much and there’s nothing an orthodontist can do. Fillings have often come up as a concern.

Fillings are the most efficient way to remove or stop a cavity in its tracks, but of course patients are concerned how having a tooth filled with amalgam or similar composites interacts with orthodontic treatment. So let’s get the easy part out of the way:

Yes, you can get braces if you have fillings.

In fact, often cavities and misaligned teeth are linked to one another, and there’s no fixing one without the other. It’s not uncommon at all for a dentist to recommend braces or similar treatment after the cavities are addressed. Having straight, uncrowded teeth makes it much easier to maintain a healthy smile. However, a patient must have all of their cavities and gum problems dealt with before braces can be applied.

What are the best type of braces if you have fillings?

Traditional metal braces or a type of care that uses aligners like Invisalign is the best choices for patients with fillings. While ceramic braces are less impactful than their metal counterparts, they also tend to be less sturdy. Metal brackets and wires are the strongest, but Invisalign gives you the best of both worlds. Since Invisalign uses near-invisible aligners (much like a retainer or mouth guard) the impact on the patients teeth is minimal. The aligners will slip on and off the wearer as needed – fillings or no fillings.

What if I need a filling while I’m wearing braces?

Highly unlikely since people are under regular dental care while receiving orthodontic treatment. Any potential problems are likely to be noticed and taken care of well ahead of time. But sometimes a patient needs to wear braces for several years and they may miss out on several check-ups. If a cavity emerges, we will work with your dentist to remove the cavity and get you well in care. In most cases the dentist can work around the brackets in order the administer the filling; in rare cases, the brackets around the infected tooth will have to be removed temporarily in order for the cavity to be removed. This can be lengthy, but it’s also absolutely possible, and the braces can be reapplied afterwards.

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