5 Reasons Why Visiting The Dentist Can Benefit More Than Just Your Smile

January 19, 2016

For many, visiting the dentist is about keeping their smile great – and who can blame them? Keeping your smile great is a fantastic way to keep your overall health in top shape. In fact, visiting the dentist these days is more akin to getting a physical or a check-up from a primary physician. Dentists can catch many ailments early and be a guide for directing patients to greater overall health.

  • The mouth is a window for the rest of your body

When a dentist examines you, they are getting a look into your immune system. The bacteria in your saliva is your first-line of defense against germs and infections. When infections in the mouth take-hold, you’re more susceptible to other germs and vice-versa – when your immune system is tied-up battling other problems, the bacteria in your mouth can weaken and make you prone to cavities and gum disease.

  • Strong link between gum disease and diabetes

People with diabetes are much more likely to suffer gum (periodontal) disease, which causes inflammation of the gums and tooth decay. When a dentist examines your oral health, they are giving you a screening of your blood sugar levels as well.

  • People are more likely to visit a dentist than a physician

Since most people care greatly about their smile, they’re more likely to visit a dentist at least once a year. This proactive attitude towards check-ups is less likely with primary care physicians, since people tend to schedule appointments in reaction to not feeling well.

  • More dentists are taking blood pressure readings

As part of their screening process, dentists have started to take their patient’s blood pressure due to the link between gum disease, diabetes and hypertension.

  • Catching problems early

With the patient’s permission, health information collected by a dentist can be passed along to the patient’s primary care physician, or a recommended physician, if the patient doesn’t have one.

Interested in a check-up? Dr. Maple can recommend a local dentist in the Gahanna, Westerville and Johnstown, Ohio areas, and having a straight smile is an effective way to keep a healthy smile. You can Contact Us here.

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